SAT 2022: Login, Scores, Dates, Registration, Score Calculator, Practice Test

SAT 2022: Login, Scores, Dates

The SAT is a standardized examination conducted by the college board for college admissions in the United States. Every year seven million students prepare for SAT examination to get admissions to top US colleges and universities. The SAT 2022 will be conducted in two sections SAT Reading/Writing (Language) and the SAT Math Test. Total SAT 2022 score ranges between 400 and 1600, the sum of the two section scores, which include Reading and Writing and Math.

The college board, which has the authority to conduct SAT exam declared the SAT dates 2022 on its official website. Starting date to register for SAT 2022 for the November examination cycle is 7th October 2022, and the last date to register for SAT 2022 is 25th October 2022 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time USA. Furthermore, the college Board declared 1088 as the average SAT score for 2021, so any SAT score above 1088 can be a good score. On the below page, we have covered every tiny detail about SAT 2022 exam: eligibility, registration, Important dates, Centre, exam pattern, Syllabus, Preparation tips, Important books, results, and much more.

SAT 2022 Latest News

SAT is an examination that is conducted for Undergraduate admission to colleges and universities in the USA, UK, Australia, and many universities.

  • SAT Registrations for the next 5th November 2022 exam date closed.
  • The next SAT 2022 exam will be conducted on 5th November 2022 whose score will be released on 18th November 2022.
  • Scores were released on 9th September 2022 for the SAT test, which was conducted on 27th August 2022.

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What is the SAT, and What does SAT Stand for?

The word SAT has no meaning in reality, but it is used as an acronym for “Scholastic Aptitude Test”. The masses widely used the acronym, which led to its more comprehensive use. The SAT is an entrance test conducted by the college board at various the United States of America and International locations. SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test because it concerns schools and education, and most colleges and universities use its score to make admissions decisions.

How Long (Total Duration) does the SAT Take to be Conducted? –The SAT 2022 exam will have a total of three sections. There is also a fourth section (SAT Essay section) in SAT 2022, which is kept optional by SAT conducting authority. Therefore, the total time a candidate can take to give SAT 2022 examination is 180 minutes (3 hours). It does not include 15 minutes of breaks.

How Many Times Can I Take the SAT? – SAT is conducted seven times yearly for US locations and five times in most countries. Students can attempt the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) as often. However, most students take the exam twice, once at the end of their High school year (Junior Year) and again at the beginning of their senior year.

SAT Test Dates 2022-23: Check College Board SAT Dates

College Board has declared SAT test dates 2022 on its official website. According to college Board SAT dates, there will be four SAT tests in 2022 and three SAT tests in 2023, i.e., seven SAT tests will be conducted this academic year (2022-23). The starting and last dates for SAT for the current academic session are shared below in the table for students.

SAT Registration Dates 2022-23

SAT Test DateRegistration Starting DateLast Date for Changing, Cancellation, and Registration for SAT Application
27th August 202229th July 202216th August 2022
1st August 20222nd September 202220th September 2022
5th November 20227th October 202225th October 2022
3rd December 20223rd November 2022Nov 22, 2022
11th March 202310th February 202328th February 2023
6th May 20237th April 202325th April 2023
3rd June 20234th May 202323rd May 2023

SAT Test Dates 2022

SAT 2022-23 will be conducted at various SAT examination centers across the US, and other International SAT examination centers. According to the latest SAT 2022 dates released by College Board, the next and upcoming SAT test date is 5th November 2022, for which the last registration date is 25th October 2022. Students can change the SAT dates by logging in to their College Board account and visiting the ‘My SAT’ page. Then, students must click on ‘Change Registration’ for the test they want to reschedule. The SAT test dates 2022-23 are shared in the below points for candidates.

  • 27th August 2022
  • 1st August 2022 
  • 5th November 2022
  • 3rd December 2022
  • 11th March 2023
  • 6th May 2023
  • 3rd June 2023

SAT Registration 2022: Deadlines, Online Process, Dates and Fees

The top universities of the world give admission to students for their undergraduate programs through SAT Test 2022. Students who want to be admitted to these top universities must first register for SAT 2022 to fill out the application form. These universities are from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Singapore, which offer admissions based on SAT scores. There are certain deadlines which students must follow for SAT registration 2022, shared on the page below.

In addition, students from all international have to pay some extra registration fees, including $60, the SAT registration fee for all USA students. If a student wish, they can cancel SAT registration. To cancel SAT registration, students must pay a fee of $25 before SAT deadline.

How To Register for SAT 2022-2023?

The student must visit the college board’s official website for SAT registration. Students can also register for SAT by filling out the form furnished in the student registration booklet kept by the school counsellor. The college board accepts new applications from candidates on its official website for SAT 2022 cycle. New registrations for SAT 2023 will open shortly in the starting months of 2023 or the end of the year 2022.

Register for the latest SAT Test Now

Why Should I Register for the SAT Test 2022?

The SAT exam, which is attempted globally, is conducted in various countries from March to December. Students are assessed based on their writing, reading, and mathematical skills. Students should register for SAT because it provides an opportunity to apply to more than 80 universities worldwide, including universities in U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, etc.

College Board SAT Registration Dates and Deadlines

SAT Test DateRegistration Deadline/Date

SAT Dates for Changes, Regular Cancellations,


SAT Late Registration Dates
27th August 202229th July 202216th August 202216th August 2022
1st October 20222nd September 202220th September 202220th September 2022
5th November 2022

7th October 2022


25th October 202225th October 2022
3rd December 2022

3rd November 2022


Nov 22, 202222nd November 2022
11th March 202310th February 202328th February 202328th February 2023
6th May 20237th April 202325th April 202325th April 2023
3rd June 20234th May 202323rd May 202323rd May 2023

International SAT Registration Dates and Deadlines

AT Test Date

Deadline for SAT Registration, Changes, and Regular Cancellation

27th August 2022


29th July 2022

1st October 2022


2nd September 2022

3rd December 2022


3rd November 2022

11th March 2023

(Digital Exam)

24th February 2023

6th May 2023

(Digital Exam)

21st April 2023

3rd June 2023

(Digital Exam)

19th May 2023

SAT School Day Registration Dates and deadlines

Test DateMost Scores Available
2nd March 202224th March 2022
23rd March 202215th April 2022
13th April 20224th May 2022
26th April 202219th May 2022
12th October 2022Nov 2, 2022
27th October 2022Nov 17, 2022
1st March 202323rd March 2023
22nd March 202314th April 2023
12th April 20233rd May 2023
25th April 202318th May 2023

SAT Scores Range: Average, Highest, and Lowest SAT Score

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FAQS About SAT 2022

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