Comet ISON Tracker

Updated 09.18.2013:
Amateur and professional Comet ISON photos will be posted and shared on Twitter.

Updated 08.13.2013:
Comet ISON is slowly emerging from the sun’s glare.

Updated 07.16.2013:
Comet ISON is currently behind the sun and is not viewable by large telescopes. It will become visible to large telescopes later in mid-August or by early September. The last best optical observations were back in late May.

Updated 04.25.2013:
Here’s a quick look of where Comet ISON’s location will be within the next couple of months. Here’s another quick look from


Image credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Axel Mellinger
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Original info:
Notes: This is a work still in progress and is still in beta mode. The tracker uses the free Google Earth plugin. To use the map, you should see the constellation Gemini with a yellow track. Zoom in using the toggle buttons on the right, or use your mouse. You will then see each date throughout the year. The dates are in the format of [Year Month Day] = [2013 02 27]. Click on the yellow pushpin to see data for that specific date.

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