Huge Meteor Blazes Over Chelyabinsk, Russia

Here are a couple of YouTube videos of the event that occurred in Russia today. According to astronomer Phil Plait, it was a huge meteor, there were some injuries in Chelyabinsk, and no meteorites were found yet, and this event was not related to asteroid 2012 DA14. The meteor exploded above Chelyabinsk at about 7:25 a.m. Moscow time. At 02:53 AM Central Time, the Associated Press reported that at least 400 were injured and that number could rise.

Skip to 04:30-04:45 marker to see the meteor, and then to 06:40 to hear the really loud sonic boom:

Here is another video:

Here is dash cam video:

Here is a cell phone video capturing the sound of the sonic boom and damage:

Here is security camera footage from within an office:

Here is dash cam footage from the street:

Here is more dash cam footage:

And more dash cam footage:

This dash cam footage appears to show the meteor breaking up into several pieces:

And another:

Here is a traffic camera capturing the bright light of the meteor passing overhead:

And another showing some of the damage caused by the meteor sonic boom:

Here are two YouTube videos with news from Russia Today:

People in the Urals in Russia have seen burning objects raining down from the sky after a meteorite exploded above the Earth causing a meteor shower. Eyewitnesses reported several blasts rocking the region and long trails of smoke in the air.

Finally, here is a photo to the meteor vapor trail as seen from space.

Update 9:23 a.m. CT: It appears that pieces of the meteorite have been found by Chelyabinsk local police. There are several photos on their official website of an area where part of it crashed into a frozen lake. Bits and pieces are seen in the photo surrounding the melted portion of the lake.


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