Comet ISON update for November 22, 2013

Updated Nov 26
Comet ISON is nearing perihelion and becoming closer to the sun. This means that it it will not be visible unless it survives perihelion on November 28th. If ISON survives perihelion, we could see it again as early as December 3rd. The bad news is that ISON may have already disintegrated. We can only wait and see what happens to ISON.

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In the meanwhile, here is a video of Comet ISON and Comet Encke captured on STEREO from November 20th through 25th.

Original info:
Comet ISON is now located in the constellation Libra in the SE early morning sky around and after 5:45 am local time up until sunrise, but it is very difficult to spot because of twilight and the moon. Using a pair of binoculars might help you spot ISON, but it will become gradually lower and lower in the sky each morning each morning until perihelion, reducing the likelihood that you will see ISON. The last update was on November 18, 2013.

Here are the latest and best images of Comet ISON from the past couple of days. It might take a while to load the pics, but it’s worth the wait.

November 22 Updated

November 22

November 21

November 20

November 19

Other interesting images

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