Comet ISON video from October 27th by Justin Ng

Check out this short video by photographer Justin Ng. View it in full screen mode and in HD. Imagine what ISON will look like if and when it becomes visible to the naked eye later in November.

Notes: This is a short timelapse video, covering 69 minutes of imaging time from astronomical darkness state to civil twilight state, on 27 October 2013. From the video you can see the reduced visibility of Comet ISON as the sky was becoming brighter gradually. Moon was also visible with an illumination of about 50%.

The nucleus of Comet ISON is still intact and its current magnitude is about 8. You will also see an image as a result of stacking 46 images together as well as an inverted image in the video. NGC 3428 is also visible in the video near the two brightest stars on the lower left. — Justin Ng

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Comet ISON video from October 27th by Justin Ng, 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings