Comet ISON update for September 25, 2013

Here’s a quick update for September 25, 2013.

Tonight, Comet ISON is less than 1.763 AU from the sun. That’s over 163+ million mi (263+ million km). There are less than 64 days until ISON reaches perihelion.

Comet ISON will approach the orbit of Mars on October 1st, but will not hit the planet, or any other planet for that matter as it makes its journey toward the sun. NASA plans on keeping a protective eye on the spacecraft that are on Mars. Curiosity and Opportunity should be able to capture images and photos of ISON from the Martian surface assuming there are no technical difficulties.

Updated 09.30.2013: HiRISE is processing data from Comet ISON images. Here are some tweet updates from HiRISE:

Original content:

Here are a couple of tweets that were posted today with photos of Comet ISON. The best one appears first.


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