Suspected meteor seen tonight over parts of the US

The American Meteor Society is investigating reports of a potential meteor seen over Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia. It was spotted tonight May 30, 2013 around 11:04 pm ET / 10:04 pm CT.

Miscellaneous reports on Twitter suggest that the potential meteor had a green and white color. Others report seeing an orange color.

Tim Williams, a digital manager and journalist for CBS News, tweeted: “It wasn’t an asteroid, it burned up, bright orange, and green. Almost looked like a plane going down at first.”

Williams also tweeted: “Meteor was west of Pittsburgh, just after 11pm. Bright orange, yellow. Falling very slow before completely disappearing.”

The first image that appeared of the suspected meteor was via Kelsey Bernstein on Instagram. The photo is of low quality and is currently unconfirmed.

Updated: The Instagram image appears to be a repost of an image from 2012.

Updated: You can view a heat map and trajectory map at the American Meteor Society’s website.


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